Linear Actuator Bundle (Belt Driven) 50cm

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V-Slot™ Linear Actuator Bundle (Belt Driven) // 50 cm 

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This is a Quick and Simple V-Slot Gantry System Bundle.

This example build shows how easy it is to make a linear actuator using only a few OpenBuilds Parts.


What's Included with the Bundle?

420Low Profile Screws - 25mm
260Double Tee Nuts
290Aluminum Spacer - 6mm
4115Low Profile Screws - 8mm
1200GT2 (2mm) Aluminum Timing Pulley - 30 Tooth
2226Eccentric Spacers
4480Delrin Solid V Wheel Kit
1550Smooth Idler Pulley Kit
1570Idler Pulley Plate
1575Motor Mount Plate for Nema 17 Stepper Motor
4675Cable Ties - 4" (4 Single Cable Ties)
1825Aluminum Spacer - 3mm
1935V-Slot Gantry Plate (20mm)
4815M3 Socket Head Screws (4 Singles)
 2470GT2 Timing Belt
 1V-SlotV-Slot 20mm x 40mm, 50cm
1775Nema 17 Stepper Motor


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