C-Beam Machine XLarge

C-Beam Machine XLarge  

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C-Beam Machine XLarge Mechanical Bundle 

Sizes : 1000x500 

The C-Beam Machine XLarge gives you abilities such as plate making, sign making etc. all on a larger scale!


'It’s not just a machine, it’s a solution'

C-Beam XLarge Machine is a CNC machine design based on the popular V-Slot® linear guide system. 
The machine is strong as the linear rail incorporates a C shape profile which gives added strength and functionality.


The C-Beam Machine XLarge Machine 
is a collaborative design Build by OpenBuilds Resident Builders Craig Mills & Mark Carew

Many thanks go out to Craig for the incredible work put into this Machine!

  • OPEN SOURCE  - The C-Beam XLarge Machine is Open Source and the Builder community is encouraged to modify and build on this design. 
  • EASY TO BUILD - With the V-Slot Modular Framing System and the detailed Builders Manual, assembly is quick and easy.
  • AFFORDABLE -     OpenBuilds budget friendly parts allow Builders the opportunity to freely create.
  • CUSTOMIZATION -  Take it to the next level and make it your own! Share your builds with the Open Source Builders community OpenBuilds.com


The C-Beam XLarge Machine - the Possibilities are Limitless!

C-Beam XLarge Machine Specs:

  • 750mm x 330mm (29.5” x 13”) X&Y axis cut area or 1250mmx830mm (for the 1000x1000 version )
  • Usable cut depth is dependent on how you mount your spindle/router, bit length used and spoil board height.
    But as a ball park measurement you are looking at 1 inch (25mm) material. The Z working height is over 2 inches for deep carving
  • The physical footprint is 1000mm x 500mm (with the moving Y table protruding out about 170mm at full travel, front and back)
    with the High Torque Steppers sticking out about 140mm from the frame at the back. Maximum Height ( Z-axis fully up) is about 630mm
  • All the precise Acme Lead Screws are faced away from flying chips to help keep them clean
  • Outside mounted Xtreme Solid V Wheels™ used throughout for easy on machine adjustment, tuning and strength.
  • Doubled up and adjustable Acme Nut blocks on Y and X axes with a Anti-Backlash Nut Block on the Z axis to reduce/remove backlash.
  • Strong and accurate C-Beam™ and V-Slot™ Linear Rail with the new heavy duty C-Beam™ Gantry Plate XLarge used for all Actuators.
  • Openbuilds Router / Spindle Mount (71mm inside diameter) which works best with the Bosch Colt Router;
    but with some additional shimming, it is also suitable for the Dewalt 611 Router and the 0.8kw Chinese Spindles (65mm diameter).



Please note that the C-Beam XLarge Machine Bundle was created to make ordering the parts for the C-Beam machine easier and more convenient.

The C-Beam XLarge Machine Bundle, however, is not a kit.  
Please feel free to modify it to suit your needs and share your modifications and upgrades on the OpenBuilds Build sharing site. 


The complete parts list is listed below for your convenience so you can both know what is included with this Bundle 
and you can use it to build upon it for your own creations!  

  Whats included in your C-Beam XLarge Machine Mechanical Bundle Pack?

The main mechanical parts you will need to build your C-Beam Machine 


SKU Description Quantity
20 Low Profile Screws M5-25mm 6
65 Aluminum Spacers-20mm 8
90 Aluminum Spacers-6mm 15
95 Aluminum Spacers-40mm 8
125 Low Profile Screws M5-30mm 13
135 Low Profile Screws M5-40mm 4
155 1/4" x 8mm Flexible Coupling 4
175 Aluminum Spacers-3mm 14
185 Slot Washer - 15x5x2mm 12
225 Aluminum Spacers-9mm 12
226 Eccentric Spacer-6mm 15
465 Xtreme Solid V Wheel™ Kit 30
485 Double L Bracket 2
490 Cast Corner Bracket 26
536 Tee Nuts  99
540 Black Angle Corner Connector 4
610 90 Degree Joining Plate 10
740 Nut Block for 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw 6
750 Low Profile Screws M5-20mm 46
760 Low Profile Screws M5-55mm 8
765 Low Profile Screws M5-60mm 16
780 Ball Bearing 688Z 8x16x5  8
835 8mm Shim 8
840 Lock Collar-8mm 8
878 Low Profile Screws M5-10mm 34
922 Low Profile Screws M5-15mm 24
946 Low Profile Screws M5-8mm 64
965 C-Beam™ End Mount 8
990 Router/Spindle Mount 1
1055 Anti-Backlash Nut Block 
for 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw
2030 C-Beam™ Gantry Plate - Xlarge 7
05 - LP C-Beam™ Linear Rail-250mm 3
10 - LP C-Beam™ Linear Rail-500mm 2
15 - LP 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw-1000mm 1
20 - LP 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw-500mm 2
25 - LP 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw-250mm 1
75 - LP C-Beam™ Linear Rail-1000mm 1
160 - LP V-Slot® 20x60 Linear Rail-500mm 2
200 - LP V-Slot® 20x60 Linear Rail-1000mm 2
195 - LP V-Slot® 20x40 Linear Rail-1000mm 1
596 NEMA 23 Stepper Motor High Torque Series (OPTIONAL) 4




What's Not Included with the Bundle?
SKU Description Quantity
596 Nema 23 Stepper Motors - High Torque (Option) 4
  Driver Board - There are many different Driver/Controller Options available.  Please use the Discussion Thread on OpenBuilds.com for more details.    1
511 or 591 Power Supply - depending on your setup you may use a 12V or 24V power supply 1
  Spindle - Openbuilds Router / Spindle Mount (71mm inside diameter) which works best with the Bosch Colt Router; but with some additional shimming, it is also suitable for the Dewalt 611 Router and the 0.8kw Chinese Spindles (65mm diameter) 1
  1/2" MDF Sheets - 900mm x 500mm 2
  1/2" MDF Sheets - 800mm x 400mm 1
Optional Bling
SKU Description Quantity
540 Black Angle Corner Connector - Can be used to secure the C-Beam XL to your workbench. 4
  Slot Cover / Panel Holder - 500mm  
Local Plexi Glass Side Panels  
  Cable Chain  


C-Beam Machine XL Mechanical Bundle Parts - Shipped from the Store to your Door! 


Check out the easy-to-follow assembly guide that will have you up and cutting in no time!


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